Silence Like a Cancer Grows


I moved blogs

Moving Blogs

New blog is here

Deleting this blog

New one here

Health one here

Deleting this blog

My new reblogging/ person/ not health blog is here

My health blog is here

No but really I’m deleting this one so follow me on the new one


I’m starting over and compartmentalizing my life

My reblogging/ personal (non-health) blog is here

And my health blog is here

Please follow either one if you so choose and I will follow back because I am terrible at remembering urls and transferring.

Tonight I’m going to delete this blog. I’m going to start over. I’ll have one blog for fun stuff and normal life stuff and another for my health stuff. At least I’ll have one blog where I can pretend to be a normal 22 year old.
I’ll follow some of you from my new blogs

My chest, shoulder, and neck all hurt. I feel like I’m being stabbed. I’m really just embarrassed by myself and I wish I could just disappear off the face of the earth.

You know if I did have a Make a Wish I would unironically spend it on a trip to Disney World. I’m still a 5 year old.

I think this is the one time I have actually been embarrassed about my health. I’d like to be normal and attractive now. Thanks.